Instruments that build your business

Jess Tool Box

Behind every gorgeous business is a strong set of policies and procedures. (Seriously.) It takes a lot of organization and planning for your business to gain momentum and grow—especially on a defined trajectory. This module will put all the proper procedures in place and set you on that path.

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Non compete agreement
A safeguard you cannot live without, this signed agreement precludes employees from leaving and taking your clients with them. We will help you through the process of designing a non-compete agreement that will protect you and your livelihood–and the same goes for your team.

An employee handbook is essential to setting expectations, consequences, and boundaries. It also allows for consistency when dealing with issues that come up. Let us guide you through the process of creating a handbook that will give your team a solid understanding of how things work at your salon.

Model releases
You must own the rights to all images of your or your team’s work that you capture on film or video. We provide guidance in developing a document that will allow you to use the material from your shoots with the confidence that the rights of your talent, your team, and your salon are protected.

Lease agreements
In many states, laws are designed more to protect the lessee (you), than the lessor (your landlord). This means the landlord, in order to protect him or herself, may have lease agreements that are long and very complex. We can help you sift through this document to ensure it is fair and balanced.

There’s a certain kind of magic involved in keeping inventory at just the right level, based on your space and your sales projections and goals. We’ll help determine the formula that’s perfect for your salon.

An annual budget is your road map designed to keep you on track and focused on your goals—it is critical to your success! Setting revenue goals and placing limits on your spending allow you to have the resources to grow when the time is right. We can help create a budget that is just the right fit for your business.

Communication can be an uncomfortable task for a creative, but it’s monumentally important that you have established lines of communication internally, as well as a specific “voice” for external communications. We can help you write a thoughtful communication plan that will address internal and external communications.

HR: benefits and payroll
If you are finding yourself spending entirely too much time on this task, then you are probably growing and expanding, and that’s good! It may be time to outsource this task, or at least find a way to seriously streamline it. We can help you figure that out and make life easier!

Hours and skills are your currency, so mastering the business of ‘scheduling’ needs to be at the top of your priority list. This unit will help you harness the power of an efficiently run appointment book.