The Book Of Secrets

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Guest Services (Business of making people look fantastic)
Your clients spend a considerable amount of time at your salon. This is why it is critical for everyone on your team to be on point. We are talking about your front desk, on the phone, on the floor, and anywhere on the premises your client may experience what you have to offer. This module will help you identify the components of your business where the client and a salon representative intersect and train your personnel to treat every client moment as an experience.

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Redos are a necessary part of our business. You can either feel bogged down by them, or embrace them for what they are: Another opportunity to make your client smile and feel, or better yet, know you deeply care about them. This unit will help you design a policy around handling redos, so that your team is able to respond in the way that you would want.

Training (front desk and pre-booking)
The appropriate training for your front desk team is critical to the success of your salon. Your front desk is a client’s first and last point of contact and that interaction can have a lasting impact on your business—for good or for bad! Additionally, their ability to pre-book may ensure a healthy book for everyone at the salon. In this unit, we will help you structure the training for your front desk and hone in on the art of pre-booking.

Disgruntled clients/angry guests
The unhappy client: It’s going to happen. The only thing you can control is how you react to it. This is a difficult training item, as it requires the employee have an even temperament, a strong sense of anticipation, and the ability to think on one’s feet. This unit will help you identify the person best suited to handle this situation and what to do in that moment.

Five-star customer service
It’s really very easy to make people happy! Seriously! There are ways to ensure your clients get five-star customer service by each and every member of your team. In this unit, we’ll help you discover EVERY opportunity you and your team have to turn your client’s hair appointment into an “escape from their day” that they’ll tell all of their friends about!

You want all of your team talking the talk and in alignment with your mission and vision for your salon. The foundation of that level of consistency is a set of simple scripts. This unit will help you develop those ideas so that everyone is on the same page, from the person who answers the phone, to your top stylist and colorist!