The Craft of Doing Hair

Jess Tool Box

This is where the rubber meets the road, right? “Doing hair”—it’s what we do. And yes, it’s a craft, it’s cutting edge. And like most other industries, there are advances in the products and tools we use, and in the execution of our craft. In this module, we’ll help you tune into the resources available to you to enhance your team’s skill sets and keep on top of the trends.

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To our clients, the cut is a style statement, and it has become a key component of their lifestyle. The tools and techniques around the cut have multiplied and improved and are changing all the time. This unit will help you dial into what’s out there for you to connect with and keep you and your team on top of your game.

Color has been around for a long time, but it’s practically become an accessory lately! The innovations in the color products and the new trends and techniques in the application of those products are thrilling. We’ll help you navigate these waters and get you ready to be the color authority in your area.

The art of styling hair is the real crux of our business, right? It’s the cherry on top, as our clients leave looking and feeling wonderful. As with the cut and color, styling is changing and improving with the times, too. In this unit, we’ll help you connect with the resources available to continue to improve and impress.

Skill mentoring
Learning in a real hands-on way is priceless. Having an experienced team member mentor a newer stylist is the best way for a team member to learn what the service experience is all about. We’ll help you set up a program for skill mentoring and prepare you to implement this invaluable tool.

Retail education
It seems there are as many products out there as there are stars in the sky. It can be confusing to select a line or two that is best for your salon. But there are parameters that can help you make that choice, and in this unit, we’ll help you uncover what those are and steer you in the right direction.

It’s important to be inspired and to stay in touch with that inspiration. What’s that thing that inspires you, drives you, keeps you coming back? In this unit, we will guide you through that exploration and help you uncover resources and meaningful ways to tap the fount of inspiration that’s inside you.

A portfolio is an important part of your resume, your curriculum vitae. The ephemeral nature of hair styling means with the passage of time, we lose track of the ideas and inspirations we had and the art we made! Building and maintaining a portfolio is critical so that you have a record of your work–and you’ll find it inspiring and empowering! In this unit, we will help you begin (or update) and maintain a portfolio you will be proud of.