Beyond One Salon

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Taking the plunge
Do you think you are ready take the plunge and sign the lease for that first or second location? There are so many items to consider that it can be overwhelming, and in some cases, it can feel like it is the hardest thing you’ve ever done. After all, if you are at that point in your journey, all eyes are on you. And yet, like everything else it can be just a matter of understanding what’s ahead and planning for it. In this module, we will help you discover and prepare for plunging into what’s next.

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Opening your first salon
This is the biggest, scariest moment of them all! It can also be the most empowering, exhilarating moment of your life! You are poised and ready to be a success! The team is hired, the perfect location is ready, and you have a batch of clients you are sure will head your way. You are ready to bust this thing open wide! In this unit, we will provide guidance on what steps you need to take when you are ready to open of your (first!) salon.

Opening your second salon
Your salon is busting at the seams, your popularity is reaching a tipping point, and you are turning away great talent because you have no stations for them. And more importantly, you feel it in your gut: It’s time to expand and open a new salon. Or is it?
This module will help you identify if it truly is time to open that second location.